It's not the face but the expressions on it.
In real life, I live in the city where Sam was possessed and attacked Jo.
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❝ I almost regret saying anything about it at all, but when I did those [first] interviews, I’d literally just finished writing the script the day before, and the [Grey’s] writers sat around and did a writers’ table read the day before. I was very much in it. But my feeling is, it was really hard to write. I knew we were coming to this place and to this story and to this episode, and I had been dreading it for months, literally. I’d been putting it off and getting to the point where it was like, ‘You have four days to write the episode. You’ve got to write the episode.’ But I didn’t want to do it or face it in a lot of ways. I was kind of hoping that there could be a different outcome. If I waited long enough, maybe the outcome would be different, and yet, it wasn’t. We had to write the episode. If I step back and look at it from the outside, I think it’s going to be a very painful and shocking episode for people. From the inside, it’s a very painful and shocking episode. It’s not anything that you expect, and it doesn’t have any of the resolutions that you expect. And the reason why I wanted to say something about it before it came out is because I wanted people to be prepared. I felt like it was unnecessarily cruel for you to think that everything was going to move along happily. I wanted people to be prepared for the idea that something bad is going to happen. ❞


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So after the next couple weeks I will be without:

Once Upon a Time

Grey’s Anatomy:

And my love, Nikita:


HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moment of Truth-My Promo Video Review

RICHARD and Avery’s Mom get together (if you pause at the “sex” parts of the promo, the hands are RICHARDS- you can tell because of his watch and purple shirt sleeve, the shirt he was wearing earlier in the promo) and the curly DARK brown hair underneath.

Avery and April either have sex or almost have sex.

Tommy dies probably. (Shonda likes to kill people)

Meredith either failed her boards or she got another interview (and is nervous).

Mark and Lexie start talking, and I bet Mark is going to go all “what should I do, who should I pick?”

I bet the guy April punched is making fun of her/Avery/virginity/loss of virginity.

Meredith did something.

That’s all I got out of the promo. What about you?